Unofficial Impact Factor (IF) of 1.00

JPMS published 15 cite-able articles in 2011. To maintain high quality of the content, it came at the expense of a high rejection rate of 78%. The quality of content is being increasingly recognized by the academic contributors. To date, the journal has received 19 (11 external and 8 internal citations) from the peer reviewed scientific journals. For the year 2011, JPMS articles received 9 external citations and 6 internal citations (15 citations for 2011 articles/15 cite-able articles published in 2011=1.00 IF for 2011), which make the unofficial impact factor to be 1.00; highest for any journal from Pakistan and comparable to the prestigious journals from South Asia. JPMS team plans to work even harder to maintain and achieve a reasonable impact factor (IF).

We feel proud that JPMS has achieved such heights in such a short duration, thanks to the JPMS contributors and support from the scientific community across the globe.

Note: The list does not contain citations from articles published from other online sources such as wikipedia, blogs, newspapers etc. The list will be updated every 3 months and may be incomplete:

Cited articles: Please note that this list contains external and internal citations from peer reviewed medical journals. The list does not contain citations from articles published from other online sources such as Wikipedia, blogs, newspapers etc. The list will be updated every 3 months and may be incomplete. The name of the country designates the origin of the Journal where the article was cited. Those with internal citations, have JPMS before the citing article. Our internal citations are less than 30% of the total citations.


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