Volume 3, Issue 2 (April-June, 2013)

This issue contains 19 articles

To Fast or Not to Fast? Choosing the Best for Serum Lipid Profile

(Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan)(News Article; p101-102)

Challenges of Parents to Address Obesity in Children

(EM & PH Consult Ltd., Nigeria)(Perspective Article; p92-93)

Intrauterine Death in a Fetus with Umbilical Cord Stricture: A Case Report

(Nanjing Medical University, Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China)(Case Report; p85-86)

Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma of the Mandible

(Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India)(Case Report; p76-78)

Sphenopalatine Pseudoaneurysm Post-Endoscopic Turbinoplasty

(Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan, Malaysia)(Case Report; p72-75)

Fecal Biotherapy: Can Human Waste Cure a Disease?

(Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan)(News Article; p70-71)

Marked Thenar Wasting in Long Standing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

(Combined Military Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan)(Clinical Image; p66-67)

Acute Backache Secondary to a Congenital Anomaly in a Young Man

(Mountain Medical Battalion, Bagh, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan)(Case Report; p61-62)

An Elective Experience in Japan

(Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan)(Elective Report; p68-69)